Boy group Suer Junior became the first ever K-pop group to enter Billboard’s Latin Chart!

On April 12, Super Junior released their 8th full album ‘Replay’ and its title song ‘Lo Siento‘ featuring Leslie Grace. The song soon placed 13th on Billboard’s Latin Chart, and 2nd on Billboard’s World Song Chart.

Regarding the news, Billboard said the group is “already one of K-pop’s most pioneering acts, but not the band has hit a new milestone on the Billboard charts.” They also mentioned ‘Lo Siento’ and said it “incorporates Spanish, Korean, and English, making it eligible on both Latin and World Songs Chart.” They concluded, “the move could indicate a rising possibility of more Korean and Latin acts collaborating, if it is performing well on charts that reflect the tastes of both Latin and K-pop fans.”

Meanwhile, Super Junior recently successfully finished the first few concerts of their ‘SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR SUPER SHOW 7.’ They performed in Argentina, Peru, and Chile from April 20 to 24, and will perform their finale concert in Mexico City, Mexico on April 27.

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Translated by Dasol Kim