During Sunye’s first appearance on Korean television since her marriage, the former Wonder Girl opened up about her past group members.

Image source – JTBC

On the most recent episode of the JTBC entertainment program, “Stranger,” Seo Min-jung visits Sunye in Canada. The two friends ate, spent quality time together and talked about Sunye’s current life.

Sunye and her husband opened-up about some of the hardships they encountered during the beginning of the marriage and with their children. One of the difficulties they faced included the environmental and safety issues in Haiti. When the couple moved there after their marriage and the birth of their first child, the lack of safety made it difficult to go out. Further, the two spoke about issue settling in Canada, the country where they had their second child, such as discrimination and citizenship.

However, it wasn’t until Min-jung and Sunye were alone that the topic of the Wonder Girls was cautiously approached. During the conversation, Min-jung asks how Sunye about her decision to leave right at the peak of the girl group’s popularity. Sunye answered, “To say I didn’t hesitate would be a lie. However, I was convinced that it was time to get married. So, I spoke with my members, and they — who know my heart — gave me their blessings.”

She continues, “It was a really difficult decision when I thought about the members. I was really nervous. Fortunately, the members were very considerate, understanding and delighted. More, they even took a wedding picture too. I will always be thankful towards the members.”

On the group as a whole Sunye says, ” I can only think about what I am not able to do for the members. My regret increases the more I think about it. I wonder if there is more that I can do than just watching their videos. The Wonder Girls is a treasure box I wish to keep forever; they become more valuable as time goes on.”


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