Singer Sunmi revealed the reason behind her debut.

On February 5th, Sunmi appeared on tvN ‘Talk Mon’ and talked about her family stories.

“I lived with my dad and brother when I was in fifth grade in elementary school,” Sunmi started talking.

“My dad was very sick. He was always at home with an oxygen inhalator on his face. Then his health got worse, so he had to move to the hospital. He couldn’t move and I was naturally the head of the family”, Sunmi said.

She explained, “I was concerned about how I could support this family as the breadwinner, and people told me to become a teacher. But I knew it takes 10 to 15 years to become a teacher, and I was thinking how I could afford to do so. And finally, I thought becoming a singer would be the fastest way, so I had an audition at JYP and made it.”

Sunmi also talked about her father’s death. “My dad always texted me because he was worried about me. And one day, he sent me a text that said ‘Dad is leaving first Sunmi’. I couldn’t reply back to that text. The next day, my dad passed away. He would’ve been able to see my debut if he lived 3 more months”, she said with tears in her eyes.


Original article
by Audrey Joung