Actor Sung Hoon is to take the lead role in a new romantic comedy drama.

Stallion Entertainment

“I Picked up a Star on the Street” (working title) is a romantic comedy drama which depicts a relationship which starts as a single woman accidently picks up a global star on the street.

Kang Joon-hyuk, which is the role Sung Hoon is to act, is a world-famous star who gets locked by a woman. The drama will comically illustrate his endeavors to be set free from the house.

Sung Hoon is actively building his career not only in Korea but also in Japan and other countries in Asia. Through dramas like “Idol Master KR,” “Mu Secret Romance,” “Five Enough,” and “Oh My Venus,” the actor has shown his ability in the romantic comedy genre.

“I was attracted by the drama’s title,” said Sung Hoon. “And the script was interesting as well. The character is very attractive and I wish people enjoy the drama too.”

Currently waiting for the premieres of a movie “Are We in Love?” and drama “The Sound of Heart – Reboot,” the actor excites fans with another news about a new drama.

“I Picked up a Star on the Street” (working title) will be released through a video streaming platform Oksusu in September.


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