The studio owner related to the recent YouTuber Yang Ye-Won’s sexual harassment scandal has reportedly committed suicide.

On July 9, Namyangju Police Station reported that the studio owner of the Yang Ye-Won sexual harassment scandal is assumed to have committed suicide, in the midst of investigation.

Image Source – YouTube

The police said, “the witnesses alerted the 911 that an object that seemed like a person jumped from the Misa bridge into the water. When searched, we found out that the car parked on the bridge belonged to the studio owner, A.” They continued, “we haven’t been able to confirmed that it was studio owner who jumped because we haven’t found the body.”

Furthermore, the police reported that they found a suicide note in the car. While they couldn’t reveal the details of the note, the studio owner had reportedly argued that they felt unjust. The police concluded, “we are looking for the body. However, with monsoon season upon us, the search will take a while.”

Meanwhile, YouTuber Yang Ye-Won had previously argued that she was a sexual harassment victim. She had participated in a photoshoot in the past, where they locked her in a room and forced a nude photoshoot.

The YouTuber received much support from the public and celebrities, until messages exchanged between her and the studio owner revealed. In the messages, it seemed like the YouTuber wanted to participate in further activities with the studio. Afterwards, the studio owner also countersued Yang Ye-Won for the false allegations and defamation.

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Translated by Dasol Kim