Stefanie Michova’s Instagram

Stefanie Michova, who is a German model and Beenzino’s girlfriend, shared a support message for Beenzino before he joins the army next month.

On 19th, Michova shared a picture with the caption of ‘Always support you’.

Stefanie Michova’s Instagram

Beenzino and Stefanie Michova have been dating since 2015, and they have been publicly sharing their relationship on SNS.

Although they will be apart for a period of time because of Beenzino’s entering the army, their relationship seems strong enough. On 13th, the couple’s acquaintance and art director Cha In-chul shared a video of Beenzino and Michova receiving a gift of Korean traditional shoes (Gomushin). Beenzino explains to Michova what the shoes mean and Michova says OK and smile.


Cha In-chul’s Instagram

Beenzino announced on 19th he will enter the army on May 29th.


Original article
by Ji Min-kyung

Translated by Audrey Joung