South Korean Comedian Kim Tae-Ho tragically passed away in a fire.

On June 19, a representative of Korean Broadcasting Comedian Association reported that “Kim Tae-Ho headed to Gunsan in North Jeolla Province for a charity golf tournament, where he passed away in a tragic accident while drinking with his friends.”

On June 18, the comedian traveled to Gunsan to participate in a charity golf tournament. Afterwards, he headed to a drinking establishment to meet up with his acquaintances. While he was with his friends, a man in his 50’s got in an argument with the owner about his bill and poured gasoline, resulting in a fire.

From the accident, 30 people were injured and three men were killed, including the comedian Kim Tae-Ho. Later, the arsonist revealed that he started the fire because the owner was asking for more than what he had owed from the last time he visited the place.

Many netizens and his fellow comedians deeply grieved his death. Kim Tae-Ho debuted as a KBS comedian in 1991. He was a great comedian, winning a lifetime achievement award from the Korean Culture Entertainment Awards in 2013, and an award for excellence as an MC in 2014. Afterwards, he actively worked at various events as an MC.

Our condolences to family and friends of Kim Tae-Ho.

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Translated by Dasol Kim