Seo-hee opens up about her upcoming debut and the drug conviction in a live Instagram broadcast.

Han Seo-hee
Via Instagram – Han Seo-hee during her live broadcast

On September 20, Han Seo-hee was convicted to a three-year prison sentence for smoking marijuana. The incident began when T.O.P of Big Bang tested positive for the drug after he enlisted in the military.

Han Seo-hee, a former trainee at Jellyfish, was discovered to have smoked with him as the situation developed further. Consequently, Han rose to infamy because of T.O.P’s celebrity status and the nature of the scandal.

However, in a surprising move the former trainee held a live broadcast via Instagram just four days after her conviction. During the September 24 broadcast she apologized for scandal. “T.O.P got marijuana through a friend and recommended that I smoke it, and it was a mistake” she said. Moreover, she says that she doesn’t know why she did it but wanted to bring the truth public.

During another portion of her live-stream Han also delved into a rather surprising topic: her debut. Han says that she expects to debut in a four-member group next year by January. Regarding her decision to debut, The SM trainee explains that “even if I do nothing, I will be criticized. So I made a decision in my heart to try to debut”. She later confesses that she doesn’t know what the concept for the group will be, but that an innocent concept would not suit her.

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By O.C