Song Seung-Heon speaks his honest opinions about friendship and relationship!

On September 27 broadcast of tvN’s “Life Bar,” Song Seung-Heon appeared as a guest alongside Jung Soo-Jung, Lee Si-Eon, and Tae Won-Suk. These actors have appeared to promote their new drama “Player,” but what caught the attention of the public was something else.

Immediately after making his appearance, Song Seung-Heon showed off his friendship with Shin Dong-Yup. The two had maintained as friends since Song’s debut drama “Three Guys, Three Girls” in 1996. Shin Dong-Yup said, “Song is such a funny guy when we are at our casual meetings, but not as much on camera.”

Shin also surprised everyone by revealing that Song had never acted before the drama “Three Guys, Three Girls.” In response, Song said, “I once participated in a photoshoot with some professionals and that’s how I became an actor. Many people will say that I got lucky, but I actually had a hard time at the beginning. Just by thinking that all the cameras are capturing my every movement and emotion, it was hard.”

Song continued, “so I decided it wasn’t my path and almost gave up. That’s when Shin Dong-Yup reached out to me. He brought me to his house and talked about the struggles that he went through when he was a rookie actor. It was very overwhelming and I couldn’t quite understand why he was telling me this. However, I was so thankful afterwards. Meeting him was probably the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. He is my life savior.”

Then, the actor caught everyone’s attention by speaking his honest opinions about marriage and relationships. He said, “I always say if you are going to love someone, love them like you are going to die tomorrow.”

He continued, “I’ve once loved someone like that before. At the beginning, I loved her but hesitated on expressing my feelings. Because I was taking so long battling with my own emotions, she went to someone else. After a while, I got to see her again and she asked me why I couldn’t man up and admit to my feelings. Afterwards, I learned the importance of expressing one’s feelings.”

“Shin Dong-Yup once moved to live next door to a woman he loved. At the time, he said that’s the least one can do for their lover. After seeing him do that, I always wait for the person I love by their house, even if it takes all night long. However, even after doing that, I always feel sorry and regretful. Maybe that’s why I haven’t gotten married yet,” said Song Seung-Heon.

At last, he moved onto talk about the actual marriage. The actor said, “once you get married, your life cycle changes. Even though I want to go out with my friends, I’m at the age where they all have kids. So it’s really hard to see them. Nowadays, I think about whether marriage is right for me or not. Nine out of ten people tell me to take my time.”

Image Source – tvN “Life Bar”

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Translated by Dasol Kim