Group WINNER’s Song Min-ho, iKon’s B.I, and One will be appearing on ‘Get it Beauty 2017’ together. The episode will have a theme of ‘pretty rappers special’.

On 9th, the three joined the show’s filming for a special ‘pretty rappers’ episode. All three rappers’ agency is YG Entertainment, and they are well-known as trendsetters in terms of music and fashion style.

‘Get it Beauty 2017’, which has 4 hosts including Lee Honey, Sandara Park, Lee Sae-young, and Kim Sae-jeong, is a Korean leading beauty show. The show shares many useful beauty tips and gains much love from the viewers.

The show’s episode with Song Min-ho, B.I, and One will air on September 20th at 9:30 PM.


Original article
by Lee So-dam

Translated by Audrey Joung