Song Joong-ki was ranked fourth place on ‘List of Names’ for being a ‘Wife’s fool’ for his to-be-wife Song Hye-kyo.

Photo from ‘List of Names’

On an Aug 1st broadcast of tvN’s ‘List of Names 2017’, Song Joong-ki came in fourth place as ‘A Star Who Knows Nothing But His Wife’. The two stars’ highly anticipated marriage is expected to be held this October.

Song Joong-ki has revealed his fan affections towards his fiancée Song Hye-kyo in the past and is well-known for showing his dedication to her while escorting her on dates.

Marriage can often affect a star’s popularity. Despite this, Song Joong-ki’s unwavering dedication to his relationship is something to be praised. Nothing less is expected from a star who looks upon Cha Tae-hyun as his role model.


Original article
by Park So-young

Translated by Janet Kang