Actress Song Ji-hyo’s popularity in Southeast Asia has grown.

Kotra Song Ji-hyo
Image source – OSEN News

On May 9, the Korean Trade-Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA), released the result of popularity survey conducted in Southeast Asia. In particular, the questionnaire asked people which Korean celebrity they wanted to meet most.

In total, 1,734 residents in nine countries including Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philipines participated. Moreover, not only were resident included but also 281 Korean business officials who conducted business in those countries contributed as well.

Through an analysis of the survey result, Song Ji-hyo emerged as the most popular star in the region. Part of the actress’s popularity is due to a few key components.

Most prominently is her long-time participation in “Running Man,” which has remained popular in the region. Additionally, Song’s recently launched beauty program and other brands and broadcasts featuring her name have proven to be well-liked.

Meanwhile, following the actress are BTS, Ban Ki-moon (Korean diplomat), BIGBANG, and actor Lee Min-ho.

On another note, Song is currently filming “Raging Bull” with action star Ma Dong-seok.



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