Song Ji-hyo meets fans through a new and personal reality show.

Jyo Unnie
Image source: OSEN News

MY Company, Song Ji-hyo’s agency, announced on December 6 that the actress and variety star will launch her own reality program. The new program, “I Am Jyo Unnie”, will be a bite-sized show that brings viewers behind-the-scenes of Ji-hyo’s life.

Additionally, “I Am Jyo Unnie” will be self-produced with only Ji-hyo and her crew handling the camera. While the concept is not new it is refreshing to see Ji-hyo in an environment beyond movie, drama, and variety show sets. Ji-hyo’s program will run on V Live’s channel “MY Channel“. It is accessible through the official mobile application of on the website.

In the first episode, Ji-hyo and her team are preparing to head Jakarta, Indonesia for the Korea Brand & Entertainment Expo. During the ride to the airport, the crew discuss games, have a dessert battle, and demonstrate how close they are.

Make sure to watched the first episode here.


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