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Song Ji-Hyo might make a return to the small screen with new OCN drama, “Romantic Comedy King.”

On March 7, an official from Song Ji-hyo’s agency, My Company, said in a news release that the actress “has been offered a role in ‘Romantic Comedy King.'”

OCN describes “Romantic Comedy King” as a romantic fantasy comedy. It follows Dada, a special effects make-up artist, as she unexpectedly falls in love with a humanoid robot. However, harboring a deep wound from a past relationship, Dada has a hard time accepting her feelings.

Additionally, OCN plans to premiere the new in the coming months. “Romantic Comedy King” is the Korean remake of the 2009 Japanse show “Absolute Boyfriend SP,” an adaptation of a manga series created by Yuu Watase.

Behind the camera, Jung Jung-hwa, who worked on “Flower Boy Next Door,” will direct the remake. More, Yang Hyuk-moon, who worked on JTBC’s “Mirror of the Witch,” will be in charge of the screenplay. With these two working behind the scenes, expectations are on the rise. Jung and Yang have a history of working on visually stunning shows with great production with sensible and original writing.

As a beloved actress, entertainer, and soon to be MC, the producers believe she can quickly capture the hearts of viewer as Dada. Like the upcoming drama’s name, Song has become known as the “romantic comedy queen” through her past acting roles, and as a member of variety show “Running Man.”



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