The producers of “Lovely Horribly” have confirmed that Park Shi-hoo and Song Ji-hyo will appear in the drama, signaling the birth of a new thrilling couple.

Lovely Horribly
Image source – OSEN News

In “Lovely Horribly” Song Ji-hyo takes on the role of drama screenwriter Ji Ul-soon who coincidentally also see ghosts. Once top star Philip (Park Si-hoon) is cast in one of Ul-soon’s dramas, everything changes. Things become increasingly strange as her different story plots begin to happen in real life.

In the drama, Philip and Ul-soon are like two sides of the same coin. Whereas Philip universal good luck, Ul-soon is an icon of bad luck and gloom leading to an inevitable clash. Further, the desperate, mysterious, accidental tug-of-war that unfolds between the two as a top actor and writer promises to be a dizzying and thrilling display of fate and romance.

Notably, this will be Park Shi-hoon first project since his role on “My Golden Life,” and he is excited about the part. In an interview, the actor said that the scrip left him with a good impression. The unique mix of genres filled him with anticipation, and he promised to “do my best to make it good.”

Likewise, Song Ji-hyo, who is known for her entertainment work as well as action, is also looking forward to the role. “I am excited to be apart of a project with interesting material,” Song said regarding the drama.

Meanwhile, KBS’s upcoming horror-romance-comedy drama “Lovely Horribly” is set to air in August after “Are You Human Too?” concludes.



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