After winning 8 continuous rounds, the East Invincibility revealed herself and it was singer Son Seung-Yeon!

On June 17 broadcast of MBC ‘King of Masked singer,’ the East Invincibility went up against Bob Ross to maintain its position as the King of masked singer. However, after a close call, Bob Ross became the new king and the East Invincibility revealed herself, and it was singer Son Seung-Yeon.

As her last performance, Son Seung-Yeon arranged boy group SHINee’s ‘Sherlock’ and perfectly recreated the song with her own vibe. On the other hand, Bob Ross performed ‘A Masterpiece of Memory’ by a legendary Korean duo, Exhibition.

While Son Seung-Yeon stepped down from the king at the end of this round, she still managed to maintain her place for 8 continuous rounds, which almost broke the previous record set by Ha Hyun-Woo, who won the competition nine times in a row.

Afterwards, Son Seung-Yeon briefly shared with us her thoughts as she acted as the mysterious king for 18 weeks. She said, “I just want to thank everyone for their love. It’s bittersweet.”

Furthermore, she revealed that she recently suffered and is still suffering from vocal polyps, an injury where swollen spot or bump grows on the vocal folds. The injury is often caused by over-singing, including singing too long or too loudly without sufficient rest.

Regarding her injury, Son said, “I’m suffering from vocal polyps. I was receiving treatment for it while competing for the ‘King of Masked King’ simultaneously. I wanted to test myself, and decided I wanted to go back to the way I was at the very beginning.”

Image Source – MBC ‘King of Masked Singer’

She concluded, “I feel relieved and at the same time a bit sad. I wish I could have broken the previous records.” Regarding the new king ‘Bob Ross,’ Son advised him to take care of his voice and health. She added, “it will be hard for him to break my records because two weeks go by very quickly. He better prepare himself and protect his voice.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim