After stepping down from “Video Star” due to health issues, Sunny reassured fans about her health.


On October 2, Sunny left a lengthy post on her Instagram, saying, “I’m healthy.” Through the post, the singer reassured fans that she is in the process of getting better.

“I used to push myself too hard to meet expectations,” writes Sunny. “I thought there were things more important than health, but I realized that I can give positive energies to people only when I’m truly healthy and enthusiastic.”

She continues, “Of course, I can’t say I’m in my best state yet, taking care of things I had pushed aside for a long time, but I’m in the process of getting better. I’m writing because I felt bad about wasting precious time worrying about my health whenever I got a chance to talk to fans lately.”

Sunny once again reassured fans that she is getting better, writing, “I’m putting effort to meet you guys in a better shape for a longer time, so I wish your precious hearts are filled with joy and happiness rather than worries.”

Previously in September, Sunny stepped down from the variety show, “Video Star” for treatments for her knees.


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