SM Entertainment will be gathering evidence to pursue action against those spreading false and malicious rumors.

Taeyeon Sm Entertainment car accident rumors
Image source: OSEN News

On December 4 SM Entertainment issued another press release regarding Taeyeon’s traffic accident. According to the agency, “Taeyeon has been investigated for the traffic accident that happened last month on Nov. 28.” Further, SM Entertainment went on to apologize to the victims of the accident and reassured that “the victims will be compensated for damages caused by the accident through insurance claims.”

After sharing this information, all which SM Entertainment has previously issued, the agency got down the real reason for the public announcement. “We are collecting information on groundless rumors spreading on the internet about Taeyeon and will proceed with a complaint.” Further, ” In 2014 we those responsible for rumors faced legal penalties and criminal complaints. Including this case and going forward, we will respond firmly to bad comments and unfounded rumors according to the law.”

On November 28 Taeyeon caused a three-car accident that resulted in four people, including the singer, going to the hospital. Taeyeon admitted fault for the accident and has issued a public apology. Moreover, according to official police reports Taeyeon was not under the influence of alcohol when the accident occurred.

Meanwhile, Taeyeon will be holding a Christmas concert and is preparing for it now.

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By Jeong Jee-Won

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