SM Entertainment publicly apologized for the recent incident with their staff members at Incheon International airport.

On May 15, boy group NCT 127 arrived at Incheon International airport from Moscow. Many cameras and reporters were also there to take pictures of the group, when a security guard purposefully hit one of the reporters. When the security guard hit him, his lips ran into his camera, resulting in an injury.

However, the guard did not apologize. Instead, he rudely told the reporters to turn off the flash, and denied the fact that he committed violence. In addition, when another reporter called out the guard for his act of violence, NCT’s manager responded with curse words.

Afterwards, the reporter demanded that SM Entertainment release an official apology regarding the incident, and SM responded.

SM said, “we sincerely apologize for the unfortunate event that occurred at the airport due to the actions of our manager and security guard. After the incident, the manager, the security guard, and the CEO of the security guard company visited the photographer who was harmed and apologized.”

In addition, they said, “SM Entertainment will implement an intense and thorough preventive education for all of our managers. We will also take disciplinary measured on the manager who could not handle the situation in a correct way.”

They continued, “the security guard company has also decided to take disciplinary measures on the guard who caused trouble, and compensate for the damages that the reporter received.”

In conclusion, they said, “we once again apologize for the trouble we have caused.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim