JTBC’s “Sky Castle” broke past the 15% mark with its most recent episode.

Image source – JTBC

According to Nielsen Korea, the 14th episode of JTBC’s drama “Sky Castle” garnered a 15.78% viewership rating nationwide. The figure is about 2.5% higher than the 13.27% the show recorded on its previous episode. More, industry insiders can see the show reaching the 20% benchmark if its current trend continues.

Kim Ji-yeon, a production team member for the show, noted that when “Sky Castle” first started airing it had a paltry 0.6% audience share. However, although there have seen a steep audience increase, they are not aiming for 20%.

“The ratings are so good that we are excited, but we are not aiming for 20%,” Kim said. The captivating narrative with all its twists and turns will continue without rating being a main motivating factor.Β In fact, a lot of the energy comes from the synergy between the directors, editors, music directors, and the actors. “The script is so dramatically fun,” Kim said.



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