After marrying earlier this year, singer Roh Ji-hoon and model Lee Eun-hye welcomed their first child into the world.

Image source – Instagram

Couple Roh Ji-hoon and former racing model and creator Lee Eun-hye have become parents. In April, the Roh revealed that he would be marrying girlfriend Lee Eun-hye in a month’s time. Moreover, the two were already expecting their first child.

Now, nine months later, the two have welcomed their first child into the world. Their son, whose name had not been released yet, was born on Sunday at 11:05 a.m. On social media, the two celebrated the event by posting pictures of their baby coupled with cute greetings.

Meanwhile, Roh is a singer who was formerly signed to Cube Entertainment. However, at the beginning of the year, he announced that he would be departing from the company.



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