Singer Jun Hyo-seong and her current management agency T.S. Entertainment are at odds over her contract.

Jun Hyo-seong
Image source – OSEN News

On March 28, a judge at the Seoul Western District Court presided over the second hearing of Jun Hyo-seong’s ongoing lawsuit against T.S. Entertainment.

According to her attorney, Park Jung-Ho, in an earlier report, Jun filed the lawsuit last September to void her contract. Apparently, Jun has multiple issues with the company including unpaid compensation and decision making without her consideration.

During the hearing, lawmakers from both sides expressed different opinions on the issues at hand. Park released a statement saying that the defendant, T.S. Entertainment has not paid Jun for nearly three years. Namely, a 6 million won (roughly 5,600 USD) deposit in 2015. He said the singer “could not get a proper profit settlement for her work.”

This claim was denied by the entertainment company. However, they refused to submit any concrete evidence proving payment on grounds that it is classified. However, they did explain the details of the payment and presented CCTV footage of a briefing session at the time as proof.

Notwithstanding the missed payments, above all Jun Hyo-seong wants her contract rendered null and void. Jun said she wants to cancel the contract, even if it means relinquishing her claim of missed payments.

On the other hand, T.S. Entertainment explained that there was no way for them to cancel the contract before 2021 when it will end.

The next hearing will be on May 2.



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