Huh Gak finally earns his high school diploma more than a decade after dropping out.

huh gak
Image source – OSEN News, Instagram

“I’m on the right side of the list. I am a high school graduate now,” Huh wrote in an Instagram post on May 11.

Years ago the singer dropped out of middle school due to challenges facing his family. Despite that, Huh attempted to pursue his education and entered high school when he was 19 with a qualification exam. Unfortunately, due to his advanced age, he found it difficult to adapt. As such, the singer once again left school. Now, at the age of 34, Huh has finally accomplished his educational goal.

Meanwhile, in 2010 while working as a repairman, Huh Gak tried out for Mnet’s show “Superstar K2,” which would turn out to be life-changing. With his resounding voice, he took the top spot on the reality survival program and debuted as a singer. More, in 2013 he married a yoga instructor and had two sons together.



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