Rapper Ja Mezz, who appeared on “Show Me The Money” is preparing to release his first album.

Ja Mezz
Image source – Grandline

According to reports on March 13, rapper Ja Mezz is set to shake-up the hip-hop scene with his first full album. Reportedly, the rapper will release the album, which he spent two years producing, on the 15th.

Additionally, the album will reportedly have an amazing line-up of featured artists. Some of collaborating artists include Winner’s Song Min-ho, Jay Park, Skull, and Kunta. Further, Groovy Room, the duo who recently won the producers of the year award, are the main producers for the album.

The combination of the different artists featured on the album is drawing keen attention not only for their reputation in the hip-hop community but also for their ability to have a strong performance on music charts.

Ja Mezz began pursuing a music career in 2010. In the eight years since he has entered the music industry, he has participated in two seasons of “Show Me The Money” and released his own music independently. Moreover, because of his signature musical style, lyrics, and artistic aesthetic, expectations are high on what kind of message the rapper plans to convey.



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