A new home shopping variety entertainment program featuring two Super Junior members, and comedians Jang Doyeon, Yang Se-chan, and Ji Suk-jin, is currently under production.

Image source – OSEN News

On June 22, Channel A announced that Leeteuk and Shindong from Super Junior along with comedians Ji Suk-jin and Jang Deyeon are set to star in a new home shopping variety program called “Sell to Return” (working title).

According to multiple sources, in the new show, the cast will work to be the best salesperson. Reportedly, two teams with celebrity cast members will leave to different countries like Thailand and Malaysia to sell their products as if they are show host for a home shopping network. Interestingly, the catch of the show is that the crew must sell a certain amount to return to Korea.

Given that the cast includes Shindong and Leeteuk, who already have experience in the home shopping field, the news is already attracting attention. Moreover, with comedians Ji Suk-jin, Yang Se-chan, and Jang Doyeon, a high level of fun and entertainment is expected. In particular, Ji and Yang have proven chemistry with both of them being members on SBS’s “Running Man.”

Meanwhile, Channel A is aiming to premiere the new show in September.



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