SHINee participated in a pictorial and interview for the June issue of South Korean fashion magazine, ‘Marie Clare.’

During the interview, boy group SHINee mentioned their upcoming comeback and thank fans for the past 10 years since debut.

During the interview, SHINee briefly shared about the upcoming album. According to the members, they will release the album in a way they have never done before. In addition, they only included the songs that represented the group the best.

In addition, they said, “while preparing for this album, our gratitude for our fans became bigger, larger, and heavier. We always put our best efforts into every single album, but this album is a bit different. Our members feel more responsible for this album as we prepare for the upcoming stages and performances.”

Meanwhile, SHINee recently confirmed to make a comeback with ‘The Story of Light’ album on May 28. The whole album is made of 3 mini-albums, which will be released in order May 28, June 11, and June25. Each album has 5 songs and SHINee will go on promotions with 3 different title songs in the span of the album release dates.

In addition, they will also hold a fan meeting ‘SHINee Debut 10th Anniversary : SHINee Day’ to celebrate 10th anniversary of debut on May 27.

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Translated by Dasol Kim