Prosecutors have not charged SHINee Onew for sexual harassment.

shinee onew
Image source – OSEN News

On April 6, an SM Entertainment official released a brief statement confirming that SHINee member Onew has not been charged in a sexual harassment case that emerged last August.

According to reports from last year, the singer inappropriately touched a woman twice during a night out at a club in the Gangnam district of Seoul. In light of the scandal, Onew stepped down from the JTBC drama “Age of Youth.”

Police investigated the singer on charges of indecent assault. Next, police sent the case to prosecutors on the motion to indict without detention.

However, the prosecution concluded the investigation after it cleared the singer of charges after the victim submitted a letter withdrawing the charges and made a statement. However, while the victim did withdraw charges, they still uphold that what happened that night was indecent.

Meanwhile, SHINee is releasing a special album to commemorate the seventh anniversary of their debut in Japan. In addition, the album will also feature songs that were made with Jonghyun.


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