SHINee’s Minho and Key to join actresses Jin Seo-yeon and Oh Na-ra for a round of drink on “Life Bar.”

Life bar
Image source – OSEN News

SHINee members Minho and Key, along with actresses Jin Seo-yeon and Oh Na-ra will reportedly record for an upcoming episode of “Life Bar.”

“Life Bar” is a talk show that airs on tVN every Thursday. The program stands out from its peers due to its 19+ rating, making it the only R-rated show on tVN. Further, the rating is due to the nature of the show. As the title of the program implies, the show involves celebrity guest gathering around a table to drink and exchange life stories as they would in a bar.

Give SHINee’s 10-year anniversary releases and celebration and the show’s cast, which included Kim Heechul and Shin Dong-yup, will have much to talk about. However, Oh Na-ra and Jin Seo-yeon are not to be left out. Oh’s performance on “My Mister” and Jin’s role in the film Believer, are to make for good conversation.

Meanwhile, Their recording will be held this week, and the show will air sometime this month.



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