SHINee’s Key was voted as SM Halloween party’s best dressed celebrity.

On November 1st (KST), SM Entertainment released photos of SM Town Halloween party. SM’s artists including SM Entertainment artists, people in SM C&C, Key East, and Million Market gathered to enjoy the party.

The party’s best dressed man was selected as SHINee’s member Key. Key wore a costume of Lord Voldemort, a character from Harry Potter series. Because of his schedule conflict, Key had created a panel of himself wearing the costume and makeup. As a prize, he has received a free trip to Maldiv. Another SHINee member Onew dressed as Jim Carrey from the movieĀ The MaskĀ (1994), and won 3rd place. His prize was a free flight ticket to Hokkaido, Japan.

Other than these winners, many other celebrities wore costumes. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon dressed up as the doll in the movieĀ AnnabelleĀ (2014), and Yuri dressed up as a Minion.


Original article
by Audrey Joung