Fashion magazine ‘Singles’ released their photoshoot with the main vocalist of Shinhwa, Shin Hye-sung.

Singles Magazine

Next year marks the group’s twentieth anniversary since their debut. Shin Hye-sung recently made a comeback with his solo album ‘Serenity’.

The singer stayed true to his ‘Ballad Prince’ image and showed off his sweet charms with a fall look.

His solo album, ‘Serentiy’ consists entirely of ballads. “I tried going in different directions and trying new things musically, but in the end, I kept wanting to sing ballads,” he said.

“Since the songs in the new album are all ballads, I put effort into making each one different. No matter how good the song was, if the feel of it overlapped with another, I’d put it away without a second thought.”

He also pointed out his first solo album showcase back in 2005 as a turning point for him.

“It only hit me that I was a solo artist when I went up on stage alone without the other members. At that time, I looked at the bright lights and the people sitting in the audience and realized that it was a new beginning for me. It felt weird because the other members were also sitting with the audience.”

Shin is currently holding concerts for his new album release. Concert tickets sold out immediately after sales opened. The concerts are twice a week for the month of Sept.

“It’s not easy to stand on stage twice a week. My health and condition are huge factors I worry about. However, my desire to perform my songs in front of people is stronger,” he said.

“The thing I love the most and do well in is singing, making albums and performing.”

Lastly, the singer shared his dreams. “The phrase I want to hear the most is, ‘I heard Shin Hye-sung’s holding a concert. I’m definitely going to go this time’. My dream is to become a musician that everyone wants to hear perform.”

Shin Hye-sung’s pictorial and interview will be featured in the Oct issue of ‘Singles’.



Original article
by Jang Min-kyung

Translated by Janet Kang