Boy group SF9’s Chan-Hee and Hwi-Young are making a special appearance in a Thailand sitcom called ‘Coffee House 4.0!’

The two SF9 members will depart to Thailand on May 21 to film for the sitcom. While they are in the country, they will participate in press conference and various interviews.

The sitcom they are appearing is called ‘Coffee House 4.0,’ airing on AMARIN TV HD Channel. In the program, the two members will act in the role of Ji-Hoo and Do-Yun, foreign students from Korea. During their time in Thailand, they both end up falling in love with the female lead named Fei. Furthermore, Ji-Hoo (Hwi-Young) will show off his sweet charms as a barista, and Do-Yun (Chan-Hee) will reveal his oppa-side.

Regarding this situation, Hwi-Young said, “I’m glad and very thankful for this opportunity. Both Chan-Hee and I will put my best efforts so that the fans in Thailand can enjoy the show.” In addition, Chan-Hee said, “I feel butterflies in my stomach just to think about this opporunity. It’s going to be difficult since the culture and the language are different, but I will do my best.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim