On March 13, an associate from Pledis Entertainment reported to Zenith News that “Seventeen’s Seungkwan, Dokyeom, and Hoshi formed a unit ‘BooSeokSoon’ and will release the song ‘Without Hesitation’ in March. We haven’t confirmed the exact date yet.”

They continued, “it is our first time releasing a song as a unit besides the 3 units we already have. (The 3 units being the vocal, hip-hop, and performance unit) We hope you look forward to the new song.”

Meanwhile, ‘BooSeokSoon’ surprised their fans by performing ‘Without Hesitation’ at one of their fan meetings in February.

In addition, in the interview with Zenith News, Seventeen said “it was a fun song to record. Stepping aside from our original units was a refreshing experience and a challenge. It was so fun that the choreography would naturally come out from time to time while recording the song.”

Can’t wait to hear the new song by the new unit!

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Translated by Dasol Kim