Boy group Seventeen finishes the first concert of their Japanese tour with 30,000 fans.

Image source – Pledis Entertainment

Seventeen put on a splendid and colorful performance for 30,000 fans for their Yokohama shows on the 21st and 22nd. The well-attended show kicks-off the group’s first-ever tour in Japan. Further, the success of their first show sets the tone for the rest of their concerts in the country.

Additionally, expectations were high for the group that has enjoyed explosive global popularity. These expectations were meet as their performances attracted huge acclaim from the audience who were impressed with Seventeen’s dance performances and diverse concepts.

More on this, by utilizing the hip-hop, vocal, and performance sub-units, the group demonstrated a wide range of ability and charisma on stage.

The group also had a special treat for fans: the Japanese version of their popular song “Lean On Me.” A likely preview of what will come from their upcoming Japanese debut, which was recently announced. However, although they have not officially debuted in Japan, there is little doubt that they will find success in the land of the rising sun.

The special album “DIRECTOR’S CUT,” came in fourth on Tower Record’s weekly comprehensive sales charts immediately after its release. More, the album took the no. 2 spot in the Orion’s Weekly Sales chart for two consecutive weeks.

Meanwhile, Seventeen’s next tour stops are in Osaka and Nagoya. They also recently released a song for fans titles “Thanks.”



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