The life Seungri shared on MBC’s ‘I Live Alone’ may not all be true. Some netizens argue that Seungri, a member of group BIGBANG, has set up the international calls for the sake of appearance as a businessman.

On March 9 broadcast of ‘I Live Alone,’ Seungri revealed his single life as ‘The Great Seung-sby’ (the combination of The Great Gatsby and Seungri). Aside from his singing career, he is an established businessman who owns a DJ label and Japanese Ramen business.

According to the broadcast, he starts his day by checking messages from his employees in Japan, China, and America. His fluency in different languages accompanied his day. Han Hye-jin, while watching this through VCR, expressed how impressed she was with his life.

However, a question arose regarding the conversation between Seungri and an employee about launching a store in Las Vegas. Netizens argue that Seungri had set up the conversation for the sake of appearance on the tv show. They had screen captured the previous messages exchanged between Seungri and the mentioned employee.

In the messages, Seungri asks the employee to leave him a voice mail about the opening of restaurant in Las Vegas beforehand. His exact words were: “Bro if u don’t mind could you plz voice mail to me on wechat about vegas open ramen restaurant. Coz i tv show tomorrow.”

This created a controversy on numerous online communities and lots of netizens were disappointed in the “settings” of Seungri’s life.

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Translated by Dasol Kim