On KBS’s radio show “Cool FM,” Seungri Talked frankly with special DJ host AKMU Su-hyun about his album and what it means to be the last member to enlist.

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Since YG Entertainment confirmed that Seungri was working on his first solo album, the singer has been leaving a breadcrumb trail of information for fans, raising anticipation.

As he has done before, the singer said that his new album is “due to be released in early July,” but did not give an exact date. However, it will likely be around the beginning or middle of the month. This is based on the singer revealing that he is scheduled to make his solo debut after Blackpink returns.

Earlier this week, YG Entertainment confirmed that Blackpink would release their first mini album on June 15. Taking into consideration that most agency reserves a bare minimum of two weeks for artist promotions, fans won’t have to wait too long to see Seungri on stage again.

Talking more about his upcoming comeback, Seungri said that because the other Bigbang members are all in the army, he is “doing his best to fill in the gap somehow.” While the youngest member of the group is working to make up for the rest of the members, he admits that it is an uncomfortable situation for him.

“I am not used to being in the spotlight alone” Seungri admits, saying that he is getting all the attention that used to be focused on five people. “When all five members are together it’s good, now it’s lonely,” he said. He states,”that’s right. Becuase they aren’t here I feel a big emptiness.”

Nonetheless, the absence of the members motivates him more. He is “working hard to keep fans from feeling the absence” of the group. Although he does want to join the rest of Bigbang in the army, Seungri asserts that he needs to continue to work hard for the sake of the group. He explained that the solo album is important because it is “sign of Bigbang rather than the color of my music.”



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