Seo In-Guk and Jung So-Min are co-starring in the upcoming drama ‘One Million Stars Falling From the Sky’ (literal translation).

On May 30, a source from the entertainment industry reported that “Seo In-Guk and Jung So-Min confirmed their appearance in the upcoming tvN drama.”

In the drama, Seo In-Guk will play in the role of Kim Moo-Young, number one employee at a microbrewery. The character seems diligent when it comes to work and gained much trust from the microbrewery master, but no one knows his entire history. While the legal documents state he is 30 years old, he has lost all memory until he was five and does not know his age.

Jung So-Min, on the other hand, will act as an advertisement designer, Yoo Jin-Kang. The character has a scar on her arm from an incident where she lost both of her parents. Despite the tragic incident from her childhood, she carries a friendly aura with her.

‘One Million Stars Falling From the Sky’ is a Korean remake of 2002 Japanese drama ‘Sora Kara Furu Ichioku no Hoshi’. The drama will tell a story of two people, who meet through a fateful meeting and continue to cross paths.

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Translated by Dasol Kim