SechsKies Kang Sung-hoon addressed his fan club to apologize for the rumor.

Image source – OSEN News

On September 11, SechsKies member Kang Sung-hoon apologized to his fans for the whirlwind of controversy that enveloped the singer on Tuesday.

Rumors erupted soon after the singer canceled his Taiwanese fan meeting. According to a source associated with the singer, the local organizers that Kang was working with failed to obtain the proper visa for the singer in time for the event.

However, reports from Taiwanese news outlets saying that the cancelation was an act of fraud overshadowed information form Kang’s team. According to these outlets, Kang is dating the president of his fan club and had pockets the funds generated by the now-canceled fan meeting. This was supported by the fact that ticket buyers did not get proper refunds.

On the same day, Kang refuted the claims as a baseless rumor and asked fans not to read too much into the misinformation. Nevertheless, many fans remained unsettled. In response, Kang decided to issue a direct apology. “At a time when I can’t even express my gratitude, my carelessness has harmed my fans and my team, and for that, I am truly sorry. I will try my best to correct the misunderstanding,” he said.

Although he has apologized, many are wondering if it will be enough to settle the controversy.



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