Finishing the first half of this year with a success, SBS announces the launch of 3 new variety shows!

On June 28, Nam Seung-Yong, the director of entertainment department at SBS said, “I’m 100% satisfied with our results from the first half of the year.” Furthermore, he showed his confidence about 3 upcoming variety shows scheduled to take off their veils in the second half of the year.

On June 28, SBS held a press conference reporting the results of their entertainment programs in first half of the year. The company showed their satisfaction by saying, “you may say our programs dominated the industry.”

He continued, “‘My Little Old Boy’ placed number one in the viewership ratings, and ‘Same Bed, Different Dreams’ and ‘Master in the House‘ gathered great success within the first few months of their release. Lastly, ‘Flaming Youth’ has also topped the same-time viewers ratings. I’m very much satisfied with these results.”

Furthermore, the director also shared the future plans of SBS Entertainment Department.

He first revealed that they are preparing to launch 3 new variety shows in the second half of the year. The first show is another music variety show ‘The Fan’ (working title). The producers from ‘K-Pop Star’ and ‘Fantastic Duo’ partnered up to come up with the idea.

As it’s written in the name, “fans” will carry a very important role in the program. Nam Seung-Yong said, “unlike the audition programs from the past, this upcoming program will have a completely different format.”

One of the biggest differences it that the program will not have judges. Nam explained, “a celebrity will appear and become number one “fan” of a contestant. They will introduce a hidden rookie singer that they knew and liked, and try to gather fans by saying “I’m their fan, so please join me and become their fan as well!””

Furthermore, one of the program’s producer Kong Hee-Chul explained, “while it will have some form of judges, it’s not like ‘K-Pop Star’ where judges hold an important role. Until now, we casted professionals to pick and choose the contestants, but we realized that people who consume music may have different opinions. And they are the ones who determine the success of our artists in the future. This time, we wanted to let fans to have the power to pick and choose.”

Besides “The Fan,” SBS will launch two more variety shows. Lee Kyung-Kyu and Kim Sang-Joong have confirmed to lead a program called “Let’s Eat with Dignity” (literal translation), and Seo Jang-Hoon, Lee Sang-Yeop, Kim Jun-Ho, and Lee Sang-Min to appear in “Stupid, but Secured Happiness.”

Image Source – SBS

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Translated by Dasol Kim