After its successful pilot episode, SBS decides to add ‘Romantic Package’ as one of their regular variety shows. The first shooting will take place in Busan, on March 23.

On March 20, a source from the entertainment industry revealed that “SBS is shooting its first episode of ‘Romantic Package’ at a hotel in Busan on March 23. It will take place for 4 days and the first episode airs in April.”

While the decision to add the program as one of the regulars was decided immediately after the pilot episode, the production team had claimed the things were still being discussed. However, everything is now set in stone including the exact date and the place for the first episode. Jun Hyun-moo will continue as the program’s MC, but Han Hye-jin will step down. They decided that as a real couple, Jun and Han may have trouble collaborating in another tv show together. The program will replace Han with a special MC.

‘Romantic Package’ offer a three-night package deal to guests, where they go on blind dates. The guests are in their 20’s who can’t afford a ‘romantic get-away’ in their busy lives. From check-in on Friday night to check-out on Monday morning, the guests will look for their perfect partners, with the assistance from the MC’s.

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Translated by Dasol Kim