Entertainer Sam Hammington directly criticized comedian Hong Hyun-hee for her blackface comedy.

On the 20th, Sam Hammington wrote on Facebook, “This week, Hong Hyun-hee put a blackface makeup, and it’s pathetic! When is this going to stop? Is it really that funny to make fun of the race? As someone who used to do comedy shows, I feel very embarrassed.”

Hammington’s criticism is towards female comedian Hong Hyun-hee, who dressed up as a native African on SBS ‘People Looking for a Laugh’.

On the show, Hong Hyun-hee dressed up as a native African and put a blackface makeup to convince her father character to let her be a comedian. As soon as she showed up with the blackface, her family laughed at her and Hong Hyun-hee acted and danced like a native African.

Many viewers raised their voices arguing Hong’s makeup was racism. Especially Sam Hammington expressed his thoughts and said, “If I put a make up to make fun of Koreans, wouldn’t people think it is problematic?”

SBS reacted to the criticisms and said, “Our staffs are currently going through what happened and we will soon announce our position.”


Original article
by Park Jin-young

Translated by Audrey Joung