The two singers will head to Pyeongyang for the Inter-Korea Summit in April.

Inter-korea summit
Cho Yong-pil, Yoon Sang, Lee Sun-hee – OSEN News

Influential pop singer Cho Yong-pil (68) and renowned ballad singer Lee Sun-hee (54) will perform as representative artists of South Korea at the inter-Korea summit in early April.

The two singer will be apart of an “art team,” composed of other artists that the government aptly represents the country, who will head to North Korea’s capital city, Pyongyang, for the performance.

Further, it is not Lee and Cho’s first time in North Korea. In 2003 lee sang “Beautiful Country” and “Dear J” at SBS Unification Concert in Pyongyang. More, in 2005 Cho Yong-pil held a solo concert in the northern country.

Likewise, North Koreans have also performed in South Korea. Prior to the opening of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, a North Korean art troupe performed in Seoul at the Gangneung Culture & Art Center and the National Theater of Korea.

North Korean artists in the troupe sang about 10 popular songs include Lee Sun-Hee’s song “Dear J,” “Love’s Maze” by Choi Jin-hee, and Shim Soo-Bong’s “Men Are Ships, Women Are Ports.”

Working-Level Talks Planned

Meanwhile, working-level talks between the two Koreas takes place at the Unification Hall in Panmunjom, located close to Joint Security Area (JSA), at 10 am KST, on March 20. More, according to the Unification Ministry, singer and composer Yoon Sang will be the chief delegate of the art team.

Regarding this, the ministry indicated in a report released to reporters that detailed the importance of Yoon Sang’s role. In the report, they explained that they needed to select a person familiar with the different generational characteristics of Korean popular music as a performance director.

They said, ” considering this is a situation where we have to negotiate with the performers and produce a full performance within a short period of time; we need a musical director with composition and arrangement abilities.” As such, although not the director of the concert, he will play the most important role.

Presently, this is the first time that South Korea’s main representatives for the inter-Korean summit are people from the pop-culture community.



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