Irene just proved that she was a ‘Daegu (her hometown)’s diva’ when she was a student.

On the 14th episode of SBS ‘3 Great Emperors’, Red Velvet’s Irene appeared as a guest. On the episode, Irene shared photos of herself when she was a student. “I heard guys would come to Irene unni’s school just to see her”, Red Velvet’s Seulgi said.

Irene explained, “they are just what people from my school wrote and posted.” Kim Ji-min also said, “I heard they called Irene ‘Daegu diva’. Also, DinDin was so excited when he heard Irene was coming.”

Dindin said, “I just get excited every time I come to this set. But I’m just a fan of Irene.”


Original article
by Lee Ji-young

Translated by Audrey Joung