Red Velvet Wendy has been confirmed as a special DJ for NCT’s late night SBS radio show.

Wendy Red Velvest
Image source – OSEN News

On January 12 SM Entertainment confirmed that Red Velvet Wendy is to be a special DJ for labelmate NCT’s radio show “Night Night.” Furthermore, she will be the DJ from January 15-18 to fill in for NCT Jaehyun. Jaehyun is unable to attend because of another schedule.

As such, Wendy will join DJ Johnny to host the show. More, because of Wendy’s  friendly and cheerful demeanor, it is expected that she will be an exciting addition to the show.

In the past, Wendy has expressed her interest in being a DJ. “I want to be a late night radio DJ,” she said. The answer was in response to a question about other areas the Red Velvet vocalist would like to explore. Moreover, since she has expressed interest in this kind of work in the past, many are interested to see how she will perform in the position.


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