K-pop girl group Red Velvet was featured in a video to introduce a Korean language study platform as King Sejong Institute’s ambassadors.

On May 15, King Sejong Institute shared a video to introduce their online platform, which is designed to provide various means of Korean language education and Korean culture information.

The released video features Red Velvet members, who kindly introduces services available on King Sejong Institute’s online learning center.

The video, which is now available in three languages including Korean, English, and Chinese, will be broadcasted in 105 countries through Arirang TV.

King Sejong Institute’s online Korean Language and Culture platform, Nuri-Sejong Hakdang, provides lectures, web dramas, webtoons, and other entertaining means designed to engage people to grow interested in Korean culture and language.

Previously in October, King Sejong Institute named Red Velvet and actor Ahn Seong-ki as its ambassadors.


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