Red Velvet is going to upcoming Korea Popular Music Awards this month.

Image source – SM Entertainment

On December 20, Red Velvet will participate in the Korea Popular Music Festival (KPMA) at Korea International Exhibition Center (KINTEX) in Ilsan.

For more than a year, the girl group has produced consecutive hits including “Peek-A-Boo,” “Bad Boy,” and most recently, “Really Bad Boy” (RBB). Based on their success, Red Velvet was nominated for a total of six categories.

2018 has been an astounding year for the girl group. In April, after they released their hit song “Bad Boy,” they performed in North Korea’s capital as part of an elite group of artists. Notably, this was the first time South Koreans performed in their northern counterpart in 15 years.

Later they became the first K-pop girl group to hold an independent fan meet in the U.S. and had their Japanese debut. Late they released their summer pop song “Power Up” followed “RBB.”



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