A “real” Chinese version of Mnet’s survival audition program ‘Produce 101’ will start to air their show at the end of April.

Many believed that ‘Idol Producer’ was the Chinese version of ‘Produce 101’.  However, Mnet clarified that the format of ‘Idol Producer’ was not formally licensed through them. Thus, they asked the media to refrain from referring it as the ‘Chinese version of Produce 101.’

There is a reason why Mnet didn’t want people to refer ‘Idol Producer’ as ‘Chinese version of Produce 101.’

Since last year, China has been carefully preparing for their version of ‘Produce 101.’ It wasn’t until recently that they started advertising through their SNS account with posters and official notice about the show.

According to sources from China, Chinese investment holding conglomerate Tencent has officially signed a contract with Mnet who owns the copyright of the format of ‘Produce 101.’ They recently entered the promotion phase to gather audience before they air the show in April.

Meanwhile, they have not confirmed the exact date for the first episode yet.

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Translated by Dasol Kim