It looks like Mamamoo is getting two brother groups!

On July 13, Mamamoo’s agency RBW Entertainment reported that the company is currently preparing to launch two new boy groups in the latter half of the year. The groups are named “ONEUS” and “ONEWE,” consisted of 6 and 5 members each.

Image Source – RBW Entertainment

The CEO of RBW Entertainment said, “in the second half of the year, boy groups “ONEUS” and “ONEWE” will debut. The members of these two groups originally belonged to “RBW Boys,” training to debut at our company. Even though the two groups have different music styles, they are like brothers who have trained together for a very long time.”

RBW’s first boy group’s name is ONEUS, which combined a phrase “You Make Us” and word “One” for its name. The name means that each member of the group gathered to make one entity, us. ONEUS includes Yeo Hwanwoong and Lee Keonhee from “Produce 101” season 2, as well as Ravn, Seoho, Leedo, and Xion.

The second group is ONEWE, an idol band. The name combined a phrase “We Shine on You” and the word “We,” to convey their will to shine the world with their music. The group members consist of vocalist Yonghoon, guitarist Kanghyun, drummer Harin, bassist Kia. Lastly, the group’s keyboardist is DongMyung, who also appeared in “Produce 101” season 2 with Hwanwoong and Keonhee of ONEUS.

The two teams have been preparing to debut since last November, through their debut project “RBW trainees, Real Life We Will Debut.” Through the project, the members performed at 6 concerts in total, which sold out every time.

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Translated by Dasol Kim