South Korean rappers C Jamm and Bill Stax (as known as VASCO) have been charged for illegal marijuana usage.

On May 29, the Drug Investigation Unit at the Gyeonggi Nambu Provincial Police Agency revealed that they booked 8 people for violating the drug laws, including rappers C Jamm and VASCO.

C Jamm was booked for using marijuana since May of 2015, which he admitted to during the investigation. Afterwards, he was arrested and is currently being held at the Suwon Detention Center. VASCO has been accused of the same but the investigation continues.

When the news broke out, many netizens demanded that rapper Swings, the CEO of the two rappers’ agency Just Music, apologize for C Jamm and VASCO breaking the laws. While the company remained silent for two days, when the two rappers were also accused of ecstasy and cocaine usage, they released an official apology.

They said, “first, we would like to deliver our sincere apology for the recent unfortunate event. Both C Jamm and Bill Stax admitted their law-breaking and are taking responsibility for their actions.”

In addition, they said, “our company will do our best to monitor our artists’ behaviors from now on and to let them focus on music, only. Once again, we apology for worrying all of you who have nothing but loved us, Just Music.”

Image Source – Just Music Agency
However, the actions of C Jamm were quite contradictory to “taking responsibility for his actions.”

When people found out C Jamm was being sent to jail, he posted on his Instagram that said, “at least I have finished all my recording before going in.” To many netizens, this post seemed like the rapper was mocking the whole situation, let alone “taking responsibility for his actions.”

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Translated by Dasol Kim