Yoon Mi-rae’s comeback is just around the corner.

Yoon Mi-rae
Image source – Feel Ghood Music

On July 4, Yoon Mi-rae‘s company Feel Ghood Music released the tracklist for the rapper’s highly anticipated comeback album Gemini II. According to the teaser, the new record will consist of 12 songs that range from R&B and soul to straight hip-hop.

In particular, Yoon will be promoting two songs in a double-track release. The title song, “You & Me,” falls into the genre of neo-soul and features Juno Flo. According to the label, the song explores the mood change between a man and woman as they realize they want something more than friendship.

The second title song, “Like A Dog,” is an impressive R&B hip-hop track with a powerful sound and matching lyrics. It tells the story of a man and woman’s sorrow. Notable, Yoo’s husband, Tiger JK, is the featured rapper on the song, which is expected to make headlines.

In addition to the two title tracks, the album features multiple songs where Yoon demonstrates why she is widely considered the best female rapper in South Korea, as noted in the first song “Rap Queen.”

There is also “Cookie,” “Peach,” “Champagne,” a piano version of a song, and two songs that are in English. On another note, the production team who worked on the album is world class. Some of the credited names include Blaq Tuxedo, who worked with Chris Brown, and Loptimist who worked on Loco and Hwasa’s hit song.

Meanwhile, Yoon will release Gemini II on August 5.  In particular, this is Yoon Mi-rae’s second album of the series after Gemini in 2002. It has been more than a decade since her last full album. As such, to commemorate the much-awaited moment, she will have a solo concert the Jangchung Arena on July 14 and 15. Additionally, the rapper is also planning to meet fans on entertainment programs including music shows.



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