Rapper Black Nut has decided to files an appeal of judgment after getting suspended sentencing in a case involving KittiB.

Yesterday, Black Nut (real name Kim Dae-woong) filed an appeal to the court, requesting that the decision in his case be looked at again.

Last Thursday the court handed the rapper a two-year suspended sentence and 160 hours of community service on charged of insulting and harassing female rapper KittiB (real name Kim Bo-mi; herein Kim). In 2016 and 2017, he mentioned her several time in his songs as part of inappropriate lyrics that are sexually suggestive. Moreover, he also mentioned or referred to her at several concerts.

He consistent mentioning of Kim was cited by prosecutors to show his intent to insult her, which ultimately lent to the guilty verdict. Further, although the court acknowledged that Black Nut’s artistic freedom is important, that the victim’s personal rights, honor, and emotional wellbeing should also be protected. Dispite having already mentioned her in songs, the prosecutors proved that he continued to persistently verbally and sexually harass Kim.

Image source – OSEN News

Moreover, while the prosecution did not rule out the possibility that this was all apart of “hip-hop culture,” his action went beyond any creative device or reason. Consequently, he was sexually harassing Kim one-sidedly.

“We are not denying the existence of hip-hop culture, just as boxers don’t get charged with assault in the ring. If Black Nut’s action were to fall under this cultural umbrella, we would not have filed a lawsuit either. However, his actions are beyond any creative device and his is committing one-sided sexual harassment, ” said Kim’s legal representative.

As of the writing of this article, the court has not ruled on his appeal.



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